Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Sneeze Test

As a sufferer of severe allergies of both the seasonal and animal varieties, you'd think I'd be better at changing the central air filters. It should be high on the priority list, but, the truth is, I usually only notice that they are (over)due to be changed, when the sneezing increases in frequency. Not the most reliable system, I admit.

Changing the filters frequently is important, and not just for trapping allergens. According to the energy efficiency expert who inspected our house, routinely changing the filters keeps the heating and air conditioning coils free of dust and particulates so the unit can work more efficiently and use less power to do its job. That means a smaller carbon footprint, and less money out of my pocket.

But, I have a hard enough time remembering today's to-do list, let alone items to be done months in the future.  And I can never recall if I bought the filters that need to be changed monthly, or the ones that can go every three months.

So, I am starting a new system (tonight, when my husband arrives home from work with the emergency new filters). Email reminders. If there's one thing I do every day without fail, it's check my email, so why not put it to work sending me reminders to get the important things done? I am using a free online program called Toodledo. Find it here. But, I'm sure there are many other programs, including Google Calendar, that will work as well and can be easily integrated into your current scheduling and appointment system.

With Toodledo, I can set a "change filters" reminder to be emailed to me months in advance, and one a week before they're due to be changed as well, so I remember to buy them ahead of time. It's one less thing I have to remember, and now I won't leave it up to the sneeze test.

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